East Of India Embroidered Pic Friendship Anchor

East Of India Embroidered Pic Friendship Anchor


This square embroidered picture displays a canvas picture embellished with a cream felt block in your home for a wonderful decorative addition. Embroidered with a boat bobbing along the sea with the sun shining, is sure to look amazing in any home. Underneath the design are the words 'Friendship is the anchor that holds us together through life's storms' written in a vintage typewriter style font.

Guaranteed to take pride of place on anyone's shelf or mantlepiece, this sentimental item will add a touch of arts and crafts to charm their home decor. This rustic handcrafted frame makes the perfect gift for a close friend on their birthday, a housewarming, or just to show them how much you care.

Size: 12.7x9.7cm

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